Root Canal Treatment in Lauderhill, FL

Few things are dreaded more in life than the words “you need a root canal,” but the fact of the matter is, a root canal is a fairly simple and rather painless procedure that prevents tooth loss while also protecting your oral health.

Because it helps to save your tooth, it should really be looked at as a good thing!

It’s also true that the pain leading up to the root canal is almost always worse than the procedure itself. If you are suffering from throbbing or persistent pain in one or more of your teeth, don’t put treatment off. Talk to Dr. Robert Dolgow about getting a root canal to restore your health and save your tooth. Smile Brighteners offers the latest in technology to ensure that any infection inside the tooth is eliminated and the roots are preserved.

How Do You Know if You Have an Infected Tooth?

Many patients are not even aware that they have an infected tooth until the pain begins and usually continues to get worse. If the tooth is also decayed, this could mean that you have infected tooth pulp, which can cause serious damage to that tooth.

Some of the common signs of an infected tooth include chips, cracks, or fissures in the tooth, as well as the need for dental procedures in that same area on a frequent basis. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is critical you come in for an oral evaluation immediately.

Root Canal Therapy Lauderhill FLWhat Is Root Canal Therapy?

In spite of the fear it incites in many people, root canal therapy is actually a simple procedure that can prevent infection from spreading—and save your natural tooth.

When you come in for treatment, we will remove the infected pulp from the tooth and thoroughly clean the canal system. After that, the area will be sealed and filled. In order to keep the tooth strong for chewing, it will need to be fitted with a crown. This will not only prevent infection from causing more damage, it will also restore and strengthen the tooth.

One of the most surprising things about root canals is that generally the pain felt leading up to the procedure is far worse than any discomfort that accompanies the procedure. People really do not have to fear root canals!

Maintain Your Best Oral Health with Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Dolgow can perform a root canal immediately after infection is detected in the tooth pulp, and he can generally take care of the problem in just one appointment. Early treatment is essential to prevent any damage from occurring to both the problem tooth and the teeth that surround it. When you come in for an exam, we will determine if a root canal is necessary and beneficial to help save your tooth.

Learn more about root canal treatment by scheduling your appointment with Smile Brighteners the moment you start to feel any symptoms. Dental pain is never normal, so don’t ignore it!