Botox and Other Cosmetic Procedures in Lauderhill, FL

cosmetic dentistry lauderhill flWhen most people think about Botox, they probably don’t think about visiting the dentist!

But Botox treatment has gained in popularity at many dental practices, providing jaw pain relief for suffers of TMJ, TMD, and other types of muscle pain around the jaw and neck. Botox injections work by stopping the muscle contractions that cause pain in these areas.

That said, however, Botox is also used cosmetically to help eliminate creases, wrinkles, and frown lines caused by muscle contractions repeated over the years. Botox has a history of being a safe way to ease wrinkles on the skin, and recipients enjoy much younger-looking skin without having to undergo cosmetic surgery.

If you are interested in achieving a more youthful appearance, Dr. Robert Dolgow offers Botox injections along with a variety of other cosmetic procedures. Give us a call at Smile Brighteners to find out more!


Everyone eventually develops creases, wrinkles, and frown lines on the face. Some of them are caused by muscles that contract repeatedly over the years. 

Botox is a simple treatment that is injected into certain facial muscles, which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles by blocking the nerve impulses to the muscles. The muscle movement that causes the lines and wrinkles is inhibited, so the appearance of the lines and wrinkles is diminished.


For long-lasting results, try Artefill. Made up of special microspheres that are absorbed into the body, Artefill works in tangent with your own skin to make collagen. The result is a fresh, youthful look.

Belotero Balance

Belotero Balance smooths out wrinkles and lines that appear around the mouth and nose with a dermal filler. This filler integrates into the skin, molding to your unique facial contours. The results are a naturally smoother appearance, with lines and wrinkles dramatically softened.

Juvéderm Ultra

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is eventually lost as we age. Juvéderm Ultra recreates water-loving hyaluronic acid by adding volume to facial structures for a very natural look.

The main areas where Juvéderm Ultra is used are the smile lines that run from the nose to the mouth and the lines that appear on the sides of the mouth, which can create an unhappy appearance.


cosmetic dentistry lauderhill flThrough the process of aging, the body loses collagen. When collagen in the face breaks down, the natural plumpness of the skin is lost. Radiesse is a dermal filler that stimulates the production of collagen in the body. Radiesse also restores some of the facial volume that is lost in the aging process. It is ideal for frown lines and smile lines.


Xeomin is a newer product that uses the same active ingredient as Botox. It is an injectable that is used to improve the appearance of frown lines, particularly those between the eyebrows.

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You can’t turn back the hands of time, but with these cosmetic procedures, you will look like you have done just that. Give us a call today to find out more!